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Elvis Presley 8-page signed contract for the historic Madison Square Garden concerts in June 1972

This is a very important piece of memorabilia, sold at auction in June 2010 for a staggering USD $25,000 against an original estimate of USD $4,000- $6,000. Hard to imagine a more significant contract between artist and manager in the history of popular music, save for Brian Epstein's link up with the Beatles.

Elvis and Colonel Tom Parker's original 1956 Management Contract. Enjoy !



Lot C83; Catalogue p240

Colonel Parker's copy of the MGM contract, dated May 7, 1970, for the production of a movie consisting of photograpgy and sound recordings from Elvis' appearances at the International Hotel. Includes copies of agreements with Elvis Presley and with the International Hotel, a rider dated May 26, 1970 and a letter to James Aubrey of MGM from Colonel Parker dated September 24, 1970.

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