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Double-sided Presley-Tops Both Sides!

10 Jan 2011



In a sense this is already a hit, for the LP from which these tracks came, "G.I. Blues". has already sold over 100,000 copies. But demand for "Wooden Heart" has been so great that here it is available as a single, and, of course, it's a cert for the Top Twenty.

This is Elvis at his most appealing, which means that everyone from grandmother down will enjoy it. The melody, of course, has that infinite charm that goes with a time-proven folk song, which Elvis sings simply, gently and with considerable heart. I can't imagine this not being a big hit record.

"Tonight Is So Right For Love" is a brisk-tempo adaptation of the familiar "Barcarolle" theme from Offenbach's "Tales Of Hoffman". And again it's Presley at his best, a quality that will please people of every age group.

UK music paper, 1961


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