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A Real Tear-Jerker

11 Jan 2011




DESPITE the appeal of the song itself, "The Wonder Of You" was technically a poor record. I suppose one can't expect perfection from a live recording, but the orchestral introduction to that disc was just plain awful.

His latest effort is a studio production and much the better for it. Penned by the British team of Ken Howard and Alan Blaikley, it's an emotional beat ballad with a reflective lyric, erupting into a palpitating chorus in which Elvis is joined by a choir.

The meaningful lyric enables El to turn on all his tear-jerking expertise, and to bring that famous quavering tremelo into play.

And his spine-tingling performance is framed to a colourful scoring of horns and rippling strings. Obviously another thundering great hit!

New Musical Express 1970

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