Elvis got into roller-skating in 1958 and rented out the Rainbow Roller Skate Rink at 2881 Lamar Avenue in Memphis. Owners Joe and Doris Pieraccini rented the rink for $35 a night, including skates, food and drinks. Many of Elvis' biggest and best parties happened at this rink and fans fought to get in.

One night a girl from out of town was invited to one of the parties and she was driven to her hotel by Elvis and his escorts at the end of the night. She soon discovered that her purse was missing: it contained $50 for her train ticket back home. Elvis and his men returned to the skating rink to look for her purse but could not find it. Someone must have stolen it.

Elvis could not believe that such a thing could happen at one of his parties. He repaid the girl and gave her an extra five dollars for another pocketbook. Grateful, the girl gave Elvis a hug and kiss and told him that she had just had the most enjoyable evening of her life. When she returned home, she sent him a Thank-you note and told him she loved him for his big heart.