The new Elvis Presley picture, "King Creole" has opened in New York. Says the "Post”:


"His previous performances heralded the fact that Elvis could act as well as jump. He won't be pushing Brando for a while, or Crosby... but the easy shruggers who dismiss him lightly are going to have to confess an error within a few years unless the Army puts a dent in his histrionics...

"The point about him is that he doesn't let the picture down. On the contrary, he carries it, and if you think it isn't a good picture, just try to imagine how much worse it would have been without him."

And the "Herald Tribune": "Not being one of those who find Presley's singing style irritating, I found most of the musical interludes in this picture exhilarating ... Presley does not strike me as in the running for any acting Oscars, but in his brooding, inarticulate way he does lend the role certain conviction.”

New Musical Express, 1958