Elvis Presley turned fairy godmother to a lunchtime window-shopper yesterday... by buying her a brand-new £4,000 car as a birthday present.


Bank clerk Mrs. Mennie Person, 33, had popped out to look around the cars on sale in Memphis, Tennessee.

A special limousine on the forecourt caught her eye, with its cocktail cabinet and built-in TV set. Then someone said: "You can't have that, it's mine."

It was Elvis - also wandering around one of his favourite shopping centres.

Mennie said: "I recognised him immediately and was standing there with my mouth hanging open when he added: "But never mind, I'll buy you another." 'We chatted for a while and I told him it was my birthday. He then said: "Go into the showroom and pick out the one you like."

"I looked around and decided that a gold and white Cadillac Eldorado with gold velvet interior would do."

She added: "Elvis then said to the salesman: 'Just put that on my account' and handed me the keys. He told someone who was with him to write me out a cheque 'for some clothes to go with the car,' and wished me a happy birthday. "It was all like some dream. My husband just did not believe me at first."

An executive at the car showroom said: "Elvis is one of our best customers. "He's a great guy - but we don't discuss what he does for others."

Daily Mirror, 30 July 1976