Decca has kindly advised me that the importation of “Tonight’s Alright For Love” would be an infringement of copyright, as in the case of “It’s Now Or Never”.

But worse is to come.

Unlike “It’s Now Or Never”, as the song is almost identical in wording to “Tonight Is So Right For Love”, it is extremely unlikely that this will ever be released in Great Britain. And I suspect that writing letters of disapproval to the Company would be of little use, so it’s a case of grin and bear it. Like sob!

Elvis’s new role in MGM’s “Chautauqua” looks like being his first real challenge. No less than six top stars are expected to be co-starred in this, so big that U.S. fans are already demanding that the Film Company must give Elvis top-billing. Shades of crossing bridges… Definite information promises an elaborate spectacular in the mid-west, around 1921, with plenty of songs. Looks like a further spate of oldies from the golden tonsils – more blues, more Dixieland, too – will please many fans.

Elvis Monthly 1961