STEVE SHOLES, famous RCA a-and-r manager talks about PRESLEY’S LATEST RELEASE


Hello folks! I sure hope you’re going to enjoy the new Elvis disc that’s coming your way this week. Maybe I’m kinda biased in its favour, but I’ve got a hunch that you will enjoy it as much as “It’s Now Or Never” - and you sure received that one warmly.

My close interest in the disc is, of course, due to the fact that I was co-producer, along with Chet Atkins of the session. Both Chet and I honestly feel Elvis has handled “Are You Lonesome Tonight” in really outstanding fashion. It’s an old ballad which has now become something of a standard, and I reckon that Elvis excels himself on it.

In many respects it’s similar to “It’s Now Or Never,” and it has a particularly well-handled recitation on it. Yes, I Hope and believe that the youngsters will go for this in a big way.

The other side is in complete contrast. As distinct from Presley’s rich, warm and mellow tones on the ballad, he really swings on the coupling. Titled “I Gotta Know,” it’s an out-and-out rocker, sung in sizzling style by E.P.

The number was the product of an all-night session in our Nashville studios, and again Chet and I were supervising.

As always, the Jordanaires were as good as ever – and the accompanying musicians backed Elvis up in great form. In fact, I think it’s only fair to switch the spotlight on to the backing group. There’s Moore and Garland on guitars, Fontana and Harman on drums, Bob Moore on bass, Boots Randolph on sax and, of course, Floyd Cramer at the keyboard.

All of us at RCA hope you will get as big a kick out of this disc as with previous Elvis Presley recordings – and you know something tells us you will!

New Musical Express 1960