Much has been spoken about Elvis’s great achievements on records, but little has been heard and said about the remarkable feats he scored over here, in Malta, way back in 1957-58, when, for three times repeatedly, Elvis had THREE Best Selling records out of the first FOUR of the Top Ten.

First time was on the 12th September 1957, when he had “Teddy Bear,” “Loving You” and “All Shook Up” sharing the 1st, 3rd and 4th places respectively. Next time was on the 12th December of the same year, when he had the remarkable “Jailhouse Rock” in 1st position (memorable, because this particular record had the longest stay in the history of the Maltese Hit Parade, for it graciously filled the Top Ten for FIVE WHOLE MONTHS); then came “Treat Me Nice” in 3rd place, followed by “Party” in the 4th. The second month of the next year, to be exact on 27th February, saw Elvis’s third amazing feat, when he had “Don’t,” “I Beg Of You” and “Jailhouse Rock” still in the same previous positions.

Going back to 1957, you would have found that in the Hit Parade, Elvis had occupied 34 out of the 52 weeks that there were, and all those weeks were filled by only 7 major records of his. You would have found, too, that the biggest hit of the year was “Teddy Bear,” which, out of the 13 weeks it spent in the Hit Parade, 10 had happily occupied the Top Spot.

“It’s Now Or Never” has not yet been issued in Malta and it will be quite a time before it arrives here, not that we have any copyright difficulties, as well, in Malta, but because usually records are brought over from England. So records shops can only expect a few supplies straight from America. In the meantime, “A Mess Of Blues/The Girl Of My Best Friend” have been issued here and interest in the former side is growing day by day. Everyone here is hoping that it won’t be long now before another record of Elvis Presley graces the Hit Parade.

Dennis Hamilton (October 1960, Elvis Monthly)