BACHELOR Elvis Presley, 25, recently swelled the ranks of America's baby-sitters in a very large way.

He baby-sat with SIX babies. This is something of a record among film stars, Army ex-sergeants (both of which Elvis is) and private citizens alike.

Elvis did his stint of sextuple infant watching for his new movie, Hal Wallis' "G.I. Blues" at Paramount, in which he tends a baby as he wooes Juliet Prowes, a complicated situation which wasn't helped by the babies' unpredictable antics.

The camera only sees Elvis with one baby at a time, but it required six working throughout the day in brief shifts to represent that one baby in a movie. And required that they all be so closely identical as to be able to double for one another.

The babies were all issued social security cards and were paid $22.05 a piece for their day's work - if being crooned to by Elvis Presley could be called that.

They were watched over by their mothers, two welfare workers, Mary Louise Lowe and Helen Grotke, director Norman Taurog and - Elvis.

Elvis Monthly November 1960