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Elvis is Back in Great Style

01 Feb 2011




This is it ... the long-awaited music from that phenomenal TV return of the King, and the show we may never see in Britain. And the sounds on this album should have every Elvis fan who ever lived pounding our TV companies unmercifully to screen the show.

Interspersed with dry, droll Presley asides, this showcases the very best of a Kings reign old and new. The oldies, particularly "Trouble" and "Can't Help Falling" seem to sound even better than before (several of the hits are turned into an all-systems-go medley) and the newies are equally good. "Memories," a song from Billy Strange, will make a great single.

El obviously loved every minute of the show. There's a great quip line where he stops the band saying, "Hey, wait a minute, there's somethin' wrong with my lip ... you remember that don't you ... I made 29 pictures like that!"

The backing orchestra includes great punchy brass, flowing strings (a mandolin even on "Memories") and male and female chorus.

With all the sugar and soap we've been served on Presley albums since heaven knows when, this is outstanding. Definitely the best collection of Presley since the Golden Era.

Record Mirror, 1969


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