In November 1960, Elvis threw a large party at the posh Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. By the time the party was under way there were 100 people eating, dancing and enjoying themselves.

Elvis personally invited Tuesday Weld. When she arrived at the hotel, she was dressed like a typical teenager: tight white Capri pants and a multi-colored floral mid riff blouse.When the hotel manager stopped her at the elevator and asked her where she was going, she explained that she was invited to Elvis' party.

The manager concluded that she was just another fan and would not allow her up. Tuesday's explanations fell on deaf ears. The manager threatened to call the police if she did not leave. Finally, Tuesday demanded that he call Elvis's room and ask if he was expecting her. The manager did so. He slowly hung up the receiver, apoligized to the actress and escorted her to the elevator.

Weld was fuming and in no mood for a party. When she told her host the story, she was disappointed that Elvis did nothing but roar with laughter.