IN FEBRUARY of this year Elvis Presley was voted Top World Singer by Disc readers in our annual Poll Awards. At the same time we discovered the unreleased Presley film “Charro!” which has been gathering dust in vaults for two years.

We asked Disc readers to write to us if they were interested in having the film put on general release, then took your letters to the NGC Distributors, who own the film, to show the interest there was.

The company was so impressed by the response from Disc readers that it is now working on a release date for the film. As a thank you to readers, NGC is offering you a chance to see the film before anyone else at the first British screening at a luxury cinema in London’s West End.

The cinema is still on the secret list – but the screening will take place on Saturday morning of June 12 at 10.30 a.m. If you would like to attend this screening, complete the form below and send it to us as soon as possible.

Each coupon received by Disc will permit the sender to ONE DOUBLE SEAT only. There is no limit to the number of coupons you can send in. So hurry – the number of seats are limited and we can only send out tickets as long as space is available. Entry is strictly by invitation only.

Disc 1971