ELVIS is everywhere. The local cinemas display posters of “G.I. Blues” and “Flaming Star.” Record shops and stores proudly show copies of all his latest discs – plus glossy pictures with a smiling Elvis looking through the windows at his ever-eager fans, rushing to buy the ‘latest and greatest’ of their idol. There are clips from films on TV, Elvis necklaces, ear-rings, pens, books, key-rings on sale at enterprising shops; fan clubs thrive more every day, and magazines and newspapers galore, featuring pictures and articles of the King!

You may ask what other sphere can Elvis invade?

I’ll tell you!

In Hull, where the telephone service has everything to offer – from a morning recipe to the cricket scores in summer, there is a favourite number to dial, that gives you ‘Teledisc.’

What fun to dial, and know that at the other end there may be Elvis to sing to you!

Elvis holds the record, literally, as the singer to have had the most records to be played over ‘Teledisc.’ Songs ranging from All Shook Up to a record announced as ‘The Record of the Year’ – It’s Now or Never’ and more recently – Wooden Heart. Fifteen songs in all.

Who can blame the fans for spending more money in a ‘phone booth on an Elvis Teledisc week, than is put in a juke box for a month?

Yes, we in Hull can say causally to a new-comer (and watch the expression on her face!):

“Have you ‘phoned Elvis yet this week?”

N.A. Bancroft, Elvis Monthly, May 1961