All right, let the abusive letters roll: Elvis Presley is the biggest bore since mathematics.

Actually, mathematics can be rather more interesting and, if you begin to understand, positively stimulating. But Elvis is always, “If a equals b and b equals c then a must equal c.”

In other worlds, as predictable as an equation; as known as a first step in logic; as tiresomely precise as a chemical formula.

‘Girl Happy’ (Empire U) is a routine Elvis picture. It has colour, girls, a few songs, and Elvis.

The plot gets Elvis and his group – including Bing Crosby’s son Gary – rushing off to Fort Lauderdale to protect the innocent young daughter of the night-club owner who is their employer.


Innocent young daughter (Shelley Fabares) has a mathematically interesting figure and an approach to sex which would make even a Women’s Institute flower arranger laugh.

But Elvis and the boys succeed in saving her from anything remotely resembling trouble. And they manage to sing a few songs in between.

Presley can go on making two pictures a year. His fans can go on drooling over the results. But if they are like this one, all I ask is to be struck off the invitation list.

UK film review, from 1965