The word is Elvis Presley will play the role of Rudolph Valentino in “Cho Rudy,” an adapted play rewritten with music. The show is scheduled to open Jan. 30 at Radio City Music Hall for six weeks. Elvis reportedly will receive $2 million to play Valentino. The musical is adapted from the play Marcello Mastroianni did some time ago. This will be the first time Radio City Music Hall will have a legitimate show in 40 years.

Meanwhile, Elvis is slimming down, feeling great and doing S.R.O. business on his current tour. In Niagara Falls the other night, a crowd rushed the stage. One woman punched the theatre manager in the nose when he tried to stop her. Elvis never left the stage. He just kept shaking hands with the enthusiastic fans until they all settled down.

Maggie Daly, Chicago Tribune, Thursday July 17 1975