THIS IS IT. Film number 25 churned out of the Elvis film-making machine.

And this one did have a new twist in the plot. This time he was a rich good-guy trying to find a niche in the world instead of a poor guy trying to do the same thing.

This made me sit up in my seat – something new! But then on the scene came the faceless supporting cast holding up the by now creaking Elvis films. The Stooge (Elvis doesn’t make a fool of himself) The Bird That Fancies Elvis and the Villain That Fancies The Bird That Fancies Elvis.

The plot is the same: Elvis is the son of a millionaire oilman who wants a girl to love him not because of his money but love him for himself, a simple engineering genius-cum-brilliant chemist-cum-perfectionist powerboat pilot-cum-first class ski-instructor-cum-good-looking singing, guitar player who gets on well with children.

And so (this is where the plot really begins) he changes places with a good-natured pauper (the Stooge).

Good scenes: A short scene where Elvis punches the Villain, and a song and dance routine with some children, although Elvis’s singing was questionable during this sequence Elvis at his best of course, singing ballads in the Florida moonlight.

A very bad film, but still ... the next one might be better!

Gavin Petrie, review from UK music paper.