THOUSANDS of Elvis Presley’s European fans packed out Luxembourg on Saturday for the annual Presley fan-clubs convention, and there they waited with baited breath for the promised surprise from the Presley camp

Surprise they got! It wasn’t a personal appearance of the star, it wasn’t a letter, or telegram, it wasn’t even a film. Instead the big surprise was the arrival of Elvis’s push-bike, a souped up tandem.

“Ug, is that all it is,” was the general reaction, British fan club secretary, Todd Slaughter, told MM. “It was really a bit absurd. The MGM cameras, who were all over the place, went mad taking film of it. They even had me riding the thing.

There was a capacity crowd filling the convention hall, at the New Theatre, Luxembourg, to watch the main event of the day – the European premiere of the Elvis film “Change of Habit.”

But the fans were given some optimistic news by RCA representative Peter Aldersley, who has recently been over to the Elvis camp.

Aldersley reported that he had been told by Colonel Parker that they would like to make an English appearance “as soon as possible.”

“I have a theory up my sleeve, that as soon as they finish building the new International Hotel next to Heathrow Airport, Elvis will consider performing there. It will be run by the same people who own the International at Las Vegas, and with it being right next to the Airport, it could just appeal to him,” said Todd.

Melody Maker, 1970