IT’S NOT unusual to see Elvis high in Disc’s album chart but this week he’s entered at 23 with “Let’s Be Friends,” his latest American album not yet on release here! RCA records have recently been losing large sales of Elvis albums to retailers who import the albums as soon as they become available in the States. In order to beat them at their own game, RCA imported 15,000 copies of “Let’s Be Friends” and are selling them through all retailers at only 25s each. Those who can wait for its British release at the end of May will only have to pay 19s 11d, but it seems there’s a large number who can’t. Nine tracks on the album are; Stay Away Joe; If I Am A Fool; Let’s Be Friends; Let’s Forget About The Stars; Mama; I Shall Be There; Almost; Change Of Habit; Have A Happy.

Disc, April 1970