Ain’t That Loving You Baby ; Ask Me (RCA 1422)

ALTHOUGH the Clyde Otis-Ivory Joe Hunter composition “Ain’t That Loving You Baby” was recorded some years back by the star this is the first time you’ve had Presley’s track released here either in single or album form.

A steady rock ‘n’ roller backed by rhythm group and some male vocal noises, it uses lots of cymbal effects amid the guitar when Elvis isn’t chanting. Forceful attacking half that ought to satisfy all those who want early-style Presley.

“Ask Me” is as big a contrast as you could hear. Soft touch Italian ballad with English lyrics. Elvis plays it for lush romance all the way. Organ and rhythm plus The Jordanaires make up the mellow accompaniment. It’s pleasant, but ordinary and most balladeers could do as well or better.

Disc, October 1964