When Elvis Presley comes swinging and singing your way in Allied Artists' film, Tickle Me - you're going to meet adorable Jocelyn Lane, who - in real life - turns out to do just that! It all started with a bloody nose - and ended up with Jocelyn and Elvis holding hands and watching television together, alone.

In one of the early scenes in Tickle Me, "Jackie" (as her friends call her) is set upon by two burly guys. Elvis comes to her rescue and the two of them battle the "heavies." Well, during the course of the filming, Jackie, who is no heavyweight by a long shot, accidentally clipped Elvis in the nose with her elbow. Suddenly, it began to bleed profusely. "Cut!" yelled the director, and Jackie almost fainted dead away when she saw what she'd done.

"Elvis was wonderful," Jackie says, with a shy smile. "After all, he should have loathed me, but he was kind and understanding. He was more worried about me than about himself."

Indeed he was, for it was only a few nights later that he asked her out. Or rather, in - as Elvis can't risk a regular date on-the-town because of his avid fans. Soon, he was entertaining Jackie regularly with his "at homes."

What's this Jackie-cutie got? First off, she has a fab face and figure. But what Elvis flips for is her terrific sense of humor. Jocelyn was born in Austria a little over 20 years ago, but she was reared in England (here we go again, girls!). She is five feet four inches tall, has tawny blonde hair and hazel-brown eyes. As a child, Jocelyn spent a number of years in the U.S., but she got most of her schooling in very posh English schools, so she speaks five languages and is an expert on everything from art to cooking.

The man who discovered Audrey Hepburn spotted Jocelyn in a ballet class when she was 6. She played several stage roles and was immediately approached by a film company. Since those days, Jackie has done 10 British films and 12 Italian ones. Universal saw her in Italy and she was signed to a seven-year contract with them. When Allied decided to do Tickle Me, they borrowed Jackie, who was a natural for the part of a - oops, promised not to tell yet! You'll have to go to the flicker to get the whole story on that.

Meanwhile, back in Bel-Air, Jackie spends most of her evenings alone with Elvis. "We play records, look at the telly, chat and eat very, very wonderful dinners," Jackie admits. "If you really like the guy you're with - then you like this sort of evening."

16 Magazine, 1965