Elvis Presley

I Just Can’t Help Believin’(RCA)

COMES from Presley’s “That’s The Way It Is” album, recorded live in Las Vegas, and the audience reaction creates supercharged atmosphere.

Since the spate of terrible soundtrack songs which RCA were releasing a few years back, we’ve had a string of studio-recorded numbers from Elvis. These have given him a new lease of life in the chart – yet even so, due to somewhat stodgy arrangements, most of them have managed to sound rather dated.

So it’s ironical that we should have to wait for a live recording before getting a really contemporary sound.

This is a rhythmic ballad penned by the Mann-Weil team, enhanced by a captivating lilt that’s slightly Latin flavoured. A fine performance by the King, supported by the Imperials and the Sweet Inspirations, plus a rasping brass section.

Many fans will already possess the LP, but it’s still a good enough track to stand on its own feet.

New Musical Express, November 1971