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Devil In Disguise

08 May 2011



(You’re The) Devil In Disguise ; Please Don’t Drag That String Around (RCA Victor 1355)

NO FOLKS, the new one from Presley just isn’t the sensational come-back disc that everyone hoped it might be. But on the other hand it’s certainly not a bad disc like was “One Broken Heart For Sale.” Falling somewhere in between the two it’s a jaunty beat-ballad with the tempo changing back and forth throughout the disc to confuse all dancers. Pretty melody, good vocals from El, but a rather feeble attempt at putting the beat into the backing in places, that just doesn’t come off. Should be a hit – but we doubt a top spot. Most unusual for Mr. Presley really.

Flip is another beat ballad, a tired-sounding number with Elvis working overtime for the effect. Seems like everyone is getting fed up with the song by the end. We were certainly.

UK record review, June 1963


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