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Wants To Visit Britain, But - 'Can't Get Around Much'

14 May 2011




IF he gets time, Elvis Presley will “jump at the chance of visiting Britain next year.”

Who says so? Colonel Tom Parker, Presley’s manager, and Tom Diskin, the star’s personal secretary.

Over the transatlantic telephone from a film studio in Beverly Hills, California, they told me about Elvis’s “regret” at not visiting his British fans.

Six films

“But he only did two personal appearances in the States last year, let alone anywhere else,” said Colonel Parker. “He really does want to visit England – but strictly for charity. Every cent must go to a worthwhile cause.”

Said Tom Diskin: “Elvis must be one of the busiest men in the world – last year he made six films.”

How would Presley spend Christmas?


“It depends,” said Colonel Parker, “on progress in the film he is currently shooting – ‘Kid Galahad.’

“If we’ve finished with the film, Elvis wants to spend Christmas with his folks in his house in Beverly Hills. If the film isn’t completed, we’ll probably be moving down to Tennessee for the Christmas period.”

To the question: “Who are Elvis’s favourite singers?” Mr. Diskin replied: “He has a respect for everyone in the profession.”


What had he received from his British fans in the way of Christmas presents?

“A huge blue sweater - which he thinks a lot of.”

What were Presley’s reactions to complaints that he had failed to visit Britain for so long?

“His fans here feel just the same - he can’t get around as much as he’d like to because of his other commitments. Since he came out of the Services, he’s been frantic.

Ray Coleman, Melody Maker, December 20, 1961


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