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Hall Netting Top Coin On Presley's Sellout

06 Jun 2011


Charleston, W. Va., May 6 1975


Elvis Presley’s three concerts here, his first in the state, July 11 and 12, are expected to gross about $243,000, Civic Center manager Dick Cobb said. After taxes and incidental fees, Presley will net in the neighbourhood of $205,000.

Cobb said Presley will pay the Civic Center $12,000 in rent and $6,045 in city taxes, “the largest sum ever paid to the city by an entertainer.” In addition, Presley will be paying $7,560 for concessions, $1,275 for parking, and $1,500 for the sale of novelties. The state will get about $8,944 in taxes.

All three Presley performances were sold out in hours after each was announced.

Variety, 1975

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