"Indescribably Blue" / "Fools Fall In Love" (RCA)

The girls will curl up in ecstasy at this one! It has all the Presley sex-appeal condensed into one package. Sung partly in hushed sob-in-the-throat tones (with that quivering tremolo well to the fore), and partly in a forceful belt with heavenly choir, it proves yet again that there is no greater exponent of the romantic lyric than Presley.

Can't say it's one of the best songs he's ever waxed, though - and why all that surface hiss?

FLIP: If your preference is for Elvis the rocker, this track is for you! A wonderfully happy beat, with the Jordanaires chanting spiritedly. Two contrasting sides, and undoubtedly value for money.

Record Mirror, February 1967