The Swedish premiere of “Flaming Star” took place on the 10th February, one month earlier than calculated. “Not even Alan Ladd during his palmy days knocked down more persons in one and the same film than the tough Mr. Presley,” wrote one daily. The critics were in accord that the film was both dramatic and thrilling, but many of Elvis’s Swedish fans were disappointed at the announcement that the film is not allowed for persons under fifteen.

It’s Now or Never has sold about 130,000 copies here in Sweden and at the end of February, Elvis received his second gold-record from our country. The selling of Are You Lonesome Tonight, has on the contrary, not been so sensational. Maybe it was because many people here just do not understand a word of Elvis’s excellent recitation. Wooden Heart has become a new smash-hit, and with his three current records Elvis is dominating our hit parades.

Elvis Monthly, April 1961