Elvis 1961-2

Currently Elvis’s prestige is really sky high over here, with two of his songs, Surrender and Wooden Heart, vying with each other for the title of Malta’s No.1 song, and both far, far ahead of any rivals. Wooden Heart appeared on the record scene about a month after El’s big hit, Surrender, was popularly acclaimed as our No.1 song. Fans really flipped over Wooden Heart; in fact most of them rate it even greater than Surrender. It has caused a wide stir over here and we consider it the biggest hit, second only to It’s Now or Never, of El’s post-Army records.

Two months ago, we Maltese fans of Elvis suffered a set-back concerning the general release of “G.I. Blues,” for it is now believed that the film isn’t going to be shown as yet. The funny result of it all is the fact that “Flaming Star” is going to be shown before “G.I. Blues.” But whatever happens we only hope that, in the end, BOTH films will be shown to the hundreds of fans in Malta.

Elvis Monthly, June 1961