Elvis Presley Autograph Authentication - FAQs Elvis Presley Autograph Authentication - FAQs

Elvis Presley Autograph Authentication - FAQs

Can you tell if my Elvis Presley autograph is authentic ?

11 Sep 2010

Our initial analysis is usually sufficient to identify fake autographs
when one compares the written text against known authentic Elvis Presley
exemplars. I have to say that I conclude an item is likely to be fake
significantly more often than reporting an item is likely to be genuine.

Important also is to consider the physical nature of the specimen which
obviously we can't do remotely; hence ElvisToday is not able to issue formal
"Certificates of Authenticity" (COA) - but you are free to quote our opinion,
which is provided in good faith, to potential buyers or sellers. 

If I feel the autograph has all the hallmarks of a genuine item then I may
recommend you formally submit your specimen to PSA/DNA for their opinion and
if corroborated they will issue you with a numbered certificate. Whilst this
process is quite expensive, it can help you maximise the potential value if
you were considering offering the item for sale via an internationally respected
auction house or through a recommended UACC or AFTAL registered dealer.

That said, for collectors and professional autograph dealers this step is
usually not required. Since, from experience and comparison with known
contemporary exemplars, an expert can readily spot the fakes.

Likely purchasers would require a physical examination though in my experience
given the market value of a genuine Elvis Presley autograph.

Thank you for your enquiry. For further information please read our online guide:

Authenticating Elvis Presley Autographs

How much do you charge for Elvis Presley autograph authentication ?

11 Sep 2010
If you need help with Elvis Presley autograph authentication,  and have a good quality digital
scan for review, ElvisToday is happy to offer an intitial opinion as to likely authenticity.

For this service. the charge is GBP £12.50 which you can pay for by clicking on the "paypal donate"
button on the ElvisToday home page.

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