The Essential 1960s Masters re-released

05 Feb 2011

First blog entry for 2011 - so belated Happy New Year to all our readers. I'm moved to comment upon the re-released From Nashville to Memphis: the Essential 1960s Masters Vol.1 the 5CD collection from Sony BMG/RCA. At £12.99 for all of Elvis's 1960s non-movie soundtrack studio cuts - its a steal. Go buy it today from amazon.

I suggest you move quick since I know there is a limited run of the set here in Europe. I'm tempted to stockpile myself so beware. Fingers crossed they do the same for the 1950s and 1970s sets.

Spent some time over the Christmas break watching "That's The Way It Is (TTWII) Complete Masters" set. Yes all 3 dual-layer DVDs worth with a total running time approaching 12hours !. All Elvis fans, old and new, in fact music consumers generally should ensure you pick up a copy. Obtaining the set, now that's another story which I'll hold off on for awhile...