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In May 2008 we published these photos of Graceland from April, 1962 taken by Tony Douglas from Australia. Joseph Pirzada [MRS] promptly saw the value of these unique images and it was promptly arranged back then that they would appear in his planned Graceland Through The Years 1957-1977 book. Now four [4] years later the book is set for release late next month, we thought you would like to take look at these again or for the first time if you did not in '08.

In the interview Lisa discusses her thoughts about performing with an Elvis hologram - but also much more, including her sudden move to live in England, her new album Storm & Grace, why see went through her puffy face period and we see footage of her 3 and a half year old twins, Finley & Harper, running around. And talking of daughters, Riley Keough has not one but five movies coming in the next year, something her famous grandfather did not manage.

Elvis In Germany was originally released in RCA's 'take off' LP series in 1982 as was a German only release featuring 13 tracks of music and interviews with a unique painting style picture sleeve. The CD is housed in a stunning 3 - panel Deluxe foldout full colour digipack with topnotch design, relevant photos, extensive liner notes, the latest updated sound on all recordings, it contains the full original album PLUS some great bonustracks.

will now be released on May 22. The book is now at the printer and so almost ready to 'ship'. Only 2 years are covered in this 580 page and 1600 picture book, 1969 and 1970 - and Elvis never looked better than during this time ... Volume five is biggerand better than ever: 560 pages & 1.600 photos - lots of unseen and unpublished amazing images - over 200 newly discovered - seen for the first time with all 'Elvis' events in this time frame period 1969-1970 are shown, with full information. Also included are all the recording sessions (Film & Studio), interviews, the movies, plenty of off set candid moments : everything from 1969-1970!!!

Preview our eight preview double pages of Bootleg Elvis : Deluxe Hardcover Book. After many years of painstaking research, a group of five European mega-collectors have finished their work on a new book - the ultimate vinyl bootleg bible: Bootleg Elvis : Now, in 2012, the time has come that this massive - 640 pages - work of love and labor will be made available to all Elvis fans and music lovers worldwide. With more than 1200 color pictures, track listings, cross-references, matrix numbers, cover/label/vinyl/sound descriptions of about 1000 records on 480+ pages, this is the most in-depth work on Elvis vinyl bootlegs ever!

One of the most interesting things to hear as you listen to these performances is the confidence that Elvis clearly gains with each appearance, becoming more assertive and aggressive as he performs for the fans. Along with Elvis' increasing level of comfort, it's also interesting to hear the fan reactions with each subsequent appearance. From polite applause for his first appearance to outright pandemonium by the time he gave his final performance, listeners can clearly hear the increased excitement that Elvis caused as he continued to gain popularity.

In this image it apears that a group of people appear to gather together to form this uncanny likeness of Elvis Presley ... but does it?