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Here is an update on three book releases from JAT Publishing. The Rock, Sex and Roll book will be released at the end of February, Elvis '69 at the end of April and King Creole at the end of June.

Elvis Presley Boulevard is one of the most traveled roads in Memphis, but many argue the sight beyond the Graceland Estate is not fit for a king. 'It's really not becoming', said Whitehaven resident Yvonne D. Nelson. 'It's more of an eyesore'. Over the years, part of Elvis Presley Boulevard in between Brooks Road and Shelby Drive has fallen into disrepair. Trash and blight litter the street, and the roads are in poor condition. Citizens argue it's a poor showing in an area that is crowded with tourists arriving to see Elvis' estate.

The Memphis Recording Service will release a CD/Book package titled 'Blue Hawaii : The Expanded Alternate Album' mid March. The CD is an expanded edition of the original soundtrack album 'Blue Hawaii' originally released in 1961. It contains many previously unreleased out-takes and alternate versions of the soundtrack recording including Elvis’ number 1 hit, 'Can’t Help Falling in Love'. As a bonus, the CD is accompanied by a 40 page book containing many rare and unpublished photographs taken on and off the set of 'Blue Hawaii'. This CD is presented exactly the same as the MRS releases, The Complete Louisiana Hayride Archives 1954-1956, Off Duty With Private Presley Book Deluxe CD set, Tupelo Welcomes Home Elvis Presley and the Such A Night in Pearl Harbor Deluxe CD/ Book set to be released at the same time.

Shirley Dieu met Elvis Presley in 1975. After becaming friends, she would spend the next 3 years touring and vacationing hith him. In this exclusive Interview with Sergio Luiz Shirley tells her amazing story and how she became the 'Memphis Mafia Princess'. [Hawaii '77] ... 'I don’t think that Elvis took the vacation as a “much needed break.” He had just gotten his plane The Lisa Marie’ and felt a certain freedom that he hadn’t really had before. So since he loved Hawaii, he said “Hey, I’m taking everyone to Hawaii” It was a last minute kind of thing ...'

The Straight Arrow Label will release the double CD, Watching Dreams Turn Into Ashes from Saturday, September 2, 1972 Dinner and Midnight Shows, Las Vegas Hilton, Las Vegas, NV.

... For all of these reasons, and many more which I could spend all day talking about, it is official: Promised Land is now my all-time favorite Elvis album. It has taken almost 35 years to get here, but it was well worth the wait! ...

... Promised Land is without a doubt one of the best releases from the Follow That Dream label this year. It's one that I will return to many times, together with Good Times and Raised On Rock, the other two classic albums making up what could be called 'The Stax Trilogy'... Highly recommended.