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Elvis Presley 'Re:Generation' : New Elvis Spankox Remix Album to be Released June 27

09 Jun 2012
DJ Spankox [Re:Volution, Re:Loaded, Re:Mixes] will release a new Elvis Presley remix album on June 27 : its title is Re:Generation which promises to become a new milestone in Elvis' career. The idea behind this new album is to introduce Elvis to a new generation of fans and to rediscover the King of Rock 'n' Roll with a new sound on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of his premature departure (16/8/1977). Produced by progressive producer/composer/DJ Spankox (real name Agostino Carollo), the creator of Elvis Presley's 2008 hit remix of Baby Let's Play House which brought the King back to the top of the world charts, this album offers a new approach to Presley's music.

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