Something For Everybody &amp Pot Luck

Something For Everybody &amp Pot Luck

08 Nov 2009

Something For Everybody &
Pot Luck

Track Listing:

There's Always Me (Take 2)
Give Me The Right (Take 2)
It's A Sin (Take 2)
Sentimental Me (Take 1)
Starting Today (Take 1)
Gently (Take 2)
I'm Coming Home (Take 4)
In Your Arms (Take 1)
Put The Blame On Me (Take 2)
Judy (Take 1)
I Want You With Me (Take 1)
I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell (Take 16)
Kiss Me Quick (Take 1)
Just For Old Time's Sake (Take 3)
Gonna Get Back Home Somehow (Take 2)
(Such An) Easy Question (Take 3)
Steppin' Out Of Line (Movie Version)
I'm Yours (Splice Of Takes 1, 6 And Work Part 2)
Something Blue (Take 1)
I Feel That I've Known You Forever (Take 1)
Night Rider (Take 2)
Fountain Of Love (Take 2)
That's Someone You Never Forget (Take 5)

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