The new single “It’s Now Or Never” is in Sweden, backed by “Make Me Know It.” Elvis has at present three of his new records among the Swedish Top Twenty.


A couple of months ago I went to a so-called ‘non-stop cinema’ here in Stockholm. The reason I went there was that in the papers they had advertised: “This week’s guest: Elvis Presley.” I was very surprised to see that they had made a short-length film of “Jailhouse Rock.” The songs “Treat Me Nice,” “Young And Beautiful,” “Baby I Don’t Care,” etc, had been cut together and formed an unsurpassed twenty-minute film. M.G.M has initiated a very nice idea by this film and I hope also Paramount and 20th Century-Fox will follow their example. However thrilling, funny and enjoyable Elvis’s films are, it is always his song numbers that form the highest points.

On 19th August last year Elvis received a Swedish gold-record in Bad Nauheim for “King Creole” which sold over 100,000 copies in our country. This gold-record is his first from Sweden.

Per Harrat (November 1960, Elvis Monthly)