ELVIS and the Colonel may this summer make a full-length film on the lines of the “Woodstock Festival,” featuring Elvis exclusively in concert. It’s not secret that El is eager to satisfy fans in the United States and throughout the world and this would seem to be the best way of achieving that.

The idea of a tour appears to have been ruled out by the Colonel’s office because for all the fans to see him would mean him appearing in such massive venues that only those lucky enough to be in the front seats would be close enough to really see him.

If he made a movie like “Woodstock,” the fans would not only be able to see him live, but there would also be some great close-ups.

This would be an alternative to the idea of Elvis doing a closed-circuit televised live performance which now appears to be a non-starter. The Colonel’s office described the project as being “very unlikely.”

The spokesman said that the announcement by the people with whom they were discussing the plan was very premature and many complications have come up that make the prospects dim.

It’s my guess that with the next three to four months free, that Elvis will do something very much like the film on his own, which would mean he and the Colonel would have complete control as they have had in the past.

Meanwhile, Elvis’ new single, “The Wonder Of You” was released last week. It was recorded live on stage in Las Vegas and will be on his new “On Stage” album due out probably in July, if not sooner.

Record Mirror, 1970