Elvis Presley proved himself not only the King of Rock and Roll last night at the Mid-South Coliseum, but also a first-rate clown and he toyed for more than an hour with the capacity crowd.

Returning to Memphis for the second time in 18 months, Presley sauntered on stage to the screams of thousands of voices – the screams that have marked his career for more than 20 years.

After striking a few dozen sultry poses and twisting his pelvis for the fans he went full tilt into his show, mixing some of his oldest hits like “Hound Dog,” with songs from his new album ”Elvis Today.”

It didn’t seem to matter what he sang, the audience went wild every time he moved and he made it clear he knew what was turning them on.

Through much of the show he played the part of a sensuous clown with the girls in the front rows, throwing his scarves and bending down to kiss them. Then he would quickly turn back to the balcony area behind him and the screams would pour down again.

His clowning was curtailed about halfway through the show when he bent once too often to kiss one of the hometown girls and split the pants of his white suit, which was decorated with Indian-styled trim.

“Of all the places in the world to split my pants, it would be in my hometown. Is it bad?” he asked as he turned to the band behind him.

He was assured that it wasn’t, but stood knocked-kneed facing the audience of about 12,000 for a few moments.

But that didn’t slow his singing pace as he broke into a quick series of the oldies that brought him his fame.

Throughout the show his singing seemed to come second to his clowning. He frequently interrupted or failed to finish verses as he stopped the show with an extra wiggle for flashcube-popping fans or to kiss one of the squirming women crowding the stage.

Last night’s show closed Elvis’s current concert tour. He will vacation until beginning an extended tour July 8.

Joseph Appeal, Memphis, Tenn., Wednesday 11 June 1975