Our Fan Club overheads have doubled since January 2020 when the coronavirus was first detected.  Covid and related health issues have dominated our lives for the past three years. Add to the mix the economic difficulties facing the UK at this time, then we can see that these events have impacted on Elvis fans’ ability to renew memberships. For example, at the beginning of 2021 when 1800 members were due to renew only 118 sent in their subscription fees.

For the past few weeks, we have been working hard to reconstruct the operation of the world’s most respected fan organisation the Official Elvis Presley Fan Club. The way we will outreach our members in the future will be on-line, with an enhanced social media presence and an upgraded web site. Our Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Great Britain Facebook page views regularly exceeds three quarters of a million monthly visits but it is a transient medium as many only see each posts for seconds on mobile phones. The more powerful and proactive information source for Elvis must be this elvispresleyfanclub.com website. We must energise our outreach to be embrace the changes in technology and to empower our members to campaign under our brand umbrella for obtain those missing crown jewels of audio and visual material that needs to be available now. The on-line fan campaigning for more outtakes from Elvis on Tour and even Elvis That’s The Way It Is has so far fallen on deaf ears. The outtakes from movies, stolen from the film companies, need to be reclaimed and made available to all fans.

For those fans who do not have access to the internet we encourage them to contact family, friends, carers and public libraries so they can see our on-line activities regularly. Like most of the other long-standing fanzines around the world, the printed mail outs have almost all moved onto online website, with those remaining being too expensive for the average fan. Once the public services strikes have abated will be sending out a Lifetime Membership card and one final printed publication to those existing subscribers, as promised, which will give full details of all changes. This mailing will include a members-only passcode to view exclusive rare materials and digital content free of any additional payments.

IMPORTANT: Within the last couple of weeks, we have been receiving quantities of mail delayed due to the UK Postal Workers’ Strike.  It appears that some of these letters are going back to the end of October. If you have sent correspondence  to the fan club weeks ago containing your credit card details and you can see that payment hasn’t been taken, rest assured that we have not processed your information and those details have all been shredded. We have not taken the risk of returning this correspondence back as it will contain personal data.

Assuring you of our best attention and our determination to promote and protect the legacy of Elvis through the auspices of the Official Elvis Presley Fan Club.

The Committee

The Fan Club

Elvis with Todd Slaughter
Tony Prince with Elvis
Elvis 1969 Publicity Shot
Sam Mahoney - Developer
TTWII Rehearsal
Elvis 1956

Mini Elvis Gallery from the Elvis Fan Club archives enjoy !

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