AGREEMENT entered into this 24th day of January, 1956 between JAMBOREE ATTRACTIONS and ELVIS PRESLEY And The Blue Moon Boys hereinafter called the EMPLOYER.

1. The EMPLOYER hereby warrants that he is the EMPLOYER herein at the present time and for the duration of this contract and enters into this contract with JAMBOREE ATTRACTIONS for the presentation of the ELVIS PRESLEY SHOW, starting February 5, 1956, through February 26, 1956, opening at Richmond, Virginia, February 5, and closing in Pensacola, Florida, on February 26, 1956 FEATURING ELVIS PRESLEY And The Blue Moon Boys, MOTHER MAYBELLE & THE CARTER SISTERS, WITH MISS JUNE CARTER, THE LOUVIN BROTHERS And The Alabama Sandusters, JUS-TIN TUBB, and BENNY MARTIN
For a period of 18 days commencing February 5, 1956,
Performance to be presented at Theatres, Auditoriums, Etc.

No other talent is to appear on this show date other than those listed above. JAMBOREE ATTRACTIONS re-serves the right to substitute talent of equal value other than the stars of the show. In the case of sickness of the star such star to be replaced with a star of equal value.

2. In consideration of the above the EMPLOYER agrees to pay to JAMBOREE ATTRACTIONS, Compensation as follows: Scale for the Blue Moon Boys, Mr. PRESLEY participating as a partner under the following terms: All promotion, talent cost, advertising expenses, window cards, newspaper, radio, agents’ expenses, 15% agency commission to be deducted off the net receipts. MR. PRESLEY is to fur-nish talent, and after all expenses have been deducted, MR. PRESLEY to receive 50% of the net balance, and ALL STAR SHOWS to receive 50% of balance payable in cash on date of the show and prior to performance. Show is to be paid rain or shine. All deposit checks to be made payable to JAMBOREE ATTRACTIONS. Advertising material to be sent after deposit check has cleared.

3. The EMPLOYER agrees to furnish suitable auditorium, hall, or theater, sound system, stage hands, ticket takers and pay for same. EMPLOYER agrees to pay all advertising, radio, and newspaper costs and all city, state, federal, and county taxes and licenses if any.

4. It is understood that JAMBOREE ATTRACTION SHOWS will have the free privilege to sell its souvenirs, novelties, songbooks and photos at all shows.

5. If compensation is based upon a percentage of receipts the following conditions apply: A representative of JAMBOREE ATTRACTIONS shall have free access to the box office and may inspect and audit the records of the EMPLOYER covering the sale of tickets, receipts, disbursements, etc., for such performance and shall have the right to have a representative in the box office at all times and to collect and examine the tickets of admission.

6. Admission prices must be approved by both parties.

7. It is mutually agreed by both parties that if either party to this agreement should be unable to carry out the terms of this agreement by reason of accident or death, strikes, or any acts of Providence then and in that event neither shall be held liable upon this agreement.

8. It is understood that EMPLOYER is in good standing with the American Federation of Musicians local in the community.

9. Special terms Financial expenses for this tour to be absorbed by ALL STAR SHOWS

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have signed this agreement in the day and the year first written above.

ELVIS PRESLEY /s/ Col Tom Parker

1414 Getwell Street
Address of EMPLOYER

Memphis, Tennessee
City and State


Contract Between Jamboree Attractions & Elvis Presley and The Blue Moon Boys (1956)

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