This is a very important piece of memorabilia, sold at auction in June 2010 for a staggering USD $25,000 against an original estimate of USD $4,000- $6,000. Hard to imagine a more significant contract between artist and manager in the history of popular music, save for Brian Epstein's link up with the Beatles.

Elvis and Colonel Tom Parker's original 1956 Management Contract. Enjoy !



One-page contract dated March 26, 1956, between Elvis Presley and Col. Thomas Parker specifying that, the now of age Elvis Presley agrees to the previously signed management contract with Parker. Signed by Elvis in blue pen. The contract reads in part, "ELVIS PRESLEY agrees that only you shall act as his Advisor, Personal Representation, and Manager in any and all fields of public and private entertainment now known or hereafter coming into existence..." 13 by 8 5/8 inches

Elvis: That’s The Way It Is - best photos

Elvis - Vegas 1970... I love this picture ❤️
Elvis-TheKingsCourt > "ELVIS ~ CRACKING-UP ! ! ! (in Pictures)
Elvis Presley Vegas, Aug.-Sept.1970.
Elvis "that's the Way It Is" Las Vegas, 1970
Elvis Presley 1970
Elvis (photo 2)
Love this photo - taken during rehearsals at the International for film documentary "That's The Way It Is" - 1970.
Scene still from the MGM documentary Elvis: That's the Way It Is (1970), featuring Elvis Presley.
Esse Jumpsuit muito bonito e elegante é usado na capa do álbum "That's The Way It Is" e está presente no documentário também. Ele está hoje em exposição em Graceland.
Elvis "That's The Way IT IS!"
MGM documentary Elvis: That's the Way It Is (1970), featuring Elvis Presley.
Images and videos of elvis presley
Elvis Documentaire That's The Way It Is 1970
Elvis | TTWII Rehearsals | MGM Studios | Culver City, CA | July, 1970 |
Elvis in rehearsal
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