There's Always Me Volume 2

Disc 1:

You'll Be Gone (False Start + Take 4)
Indescribably Blue (Take 1)
I'll Remember You (Takes 1, 2)
Suppose (Take 1)
Witchcraft (Take 2)
Finders Keepers (Take 1)
Western Union (False Start + Takes 1, 4)
Slowly But Surely (Take 1)
Blue River (1, 2)
It Hurts Me (Alt. Take)
Stay Away (Take 2)
Singing Tree (Take 1, Re-make)
Singing Tree (Alt. Take)
Summer Kisses, Winter Tears (Takes 23, 25, 26)
Britches (Takes 1, 5, 7)
We'll Be Together (2 Alt. Takes)
I Don't Wanna Be Tied (False Start)/
Plantation Rock (Alt. + Vocal Repair)
I'm Comin Home (Takes 1, 2)
In Your Arms (Try-out)
Kiss Me Quick (Take 1)

Disc 2:

U.S. Male (Take 1)/Wings Of An Angel
U.S. Male (Take 4)
Guitar Man (Takes 1, 2, 5)
After Lovin' You (Takes 1-4)
Do You Know Who I Am (The Session)
Any Day Now (The Session - Take 2)
Power Of My Love (Take 1)
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